im a shitty rp partner tho

sometimes i reply 19 seconds after youve replied

sometimes i reply 147 years later

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ARTIST: Slipknot
TRACK: People = Shit
69 plays
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"Do you always pick on people?"

"Only people that I find interesting and/or are easy to pick on."

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That got him a very unimpressed stare.

Shepard just grinned. He was having too much fun.

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"…Well you don’t have to be sarcastic about it!"

"Sarcastic? Sir, you wound me.”

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"Huh. I guess we’ll just have to ask him."

"No, you ask him. He probably won’t tell me."

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"I probably eat just as much as you to, hombre. Gotta keep a good balance. Can’t really work out if I’m not fueled by some calories. Gotta be able to burn something off. Other non-muscular people may eat little, but c’mon! You should know better. You’d make probably as much as I eat. Have you even seen Spanish food? I’m used to eating a lot, shit."


"I really don’t blame you. Still rude as hell, Loco. Snagged them from the Citadel last time we docked. Homemade and not this.. Spacey shit."

"Oho, you think you can match me plate for plate, James? We’ll have to throw down and see if you can keep up with me. But I don’t think you really understand just how much I can eat.”

"Hey, didn’t Anderson tell you about me before he made you my babysitter? I’m a regular food thief…especiall when it comes to good homemade cookies. I guess that’s the one habit that I couldn’t ever shake.”

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"No such thing as ‘just a soldier’. There’s a lot more unofficial titles that go with bein’ a soldier … I don’t know why but I feel like I can trust you. Gut feeling. Most of the people I’ve consumed are afraid of you, if they know anything about you at all. I like that, since most of them are mercs and scum. Or terrorists."

It wasn’t so much them having sense as it was ‘how does that human have claws’ that paralyzed the vorcha, mostly out of confusion. They might have been more articulate than their translators allowed them to communicate, but that didn’t mean they were actually smarter than they appeared.

He shrugged. “I’ll headbutt a krogan any day if I got to.” The friendly humanoid eldritch abomination was about to continue when he was shot through the head. More Blue Suns.

Obviously, Heller was not down for the count. He coughed before the slug was spat out, and he gave his attacker the finger. The mercenary squad stared.

"You wanna fuckin’ fight?"

Shepard couldn’t stop the satisfied grin from appearing on his face. "Good to hear that my reputation still precedes me. Not that I was particularly worried that it wouldn’t, but still. It’s reassuring."

He wouldn’t outwardly admit it, but there was a moment after the other man was shot in the head where he was worried, but seeing him spit the bullet out quickly allayed any concerns he might have had. The commander suddenly wished his cybernetics granted him the same…trick.

Either way, it looked like another fight was about to start. Better to get the jump on them, so he launched an attack and threw one of the mercs with his biotics. The poor guy was in the air flying backward before he knew what hit him.

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"So what? Just ‘cause they’ve got a little dirt on their records, we should turn down their business?"


"Hate to break it to ya, pal, but everyone deserves protecting, not just the people you think are squeaky clean and deserve it."

"Of course. Who cares if what your employer does, as long as you make a quick cred, huh?"

"If you’re trying to make me lean toward not killing some more of you ‘for old time’s sake,’ you’re doing a really shitty job.”

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"Well you have now, I’m good at the look."

"I can’t imagine why. You certainly don’t seem like one to pout a lot.”

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"…People actually call him Kai?"

"…I don’t know. Seems like a logical nickname."

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She placed the datapads on his desk.  “I have discovered an asteroid colony, run by Cerberus. Very well fortified.  They are a lot of innocents there, but should Cerberus lose it, they’d lose a major asset.  Millions in monetary resources, billions in resources and personnel. However, to liberate it would need a small invasion force; I doubt the Alliance would be willing to expend the necessary resources.  I could simply destroy it. But doing so… there is a high cost of life. Innocent life.”

She rubbed her crests. “I admit, I am at an impasse.”

Shepard listened to her intently, but he was already glancing over the datapads she had set on his desk. Well, at least he wouldn’t run out of things to do for a while.

"So what exactly are you wanting to know?" he looked back up at her. “Whether or not you should just destroy the colony, or is this just a roundabout way of asking me if I’ll take my small invasion force in to liberate it?”

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      “You sure as hell look like itWhat happened
       out therehuh?”

"Well, let’s see here: one, I got blindsided by a charging Brute while trying to get some civilians to safety; two, I got picked up by a Banshee while trying to kill it. Wasn’t injured by the latter but have you ever seen them up close? Ew.”

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reblog with your characters face when he/she is looking at the booty


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Who are you: I'm Rachel Whats your favorite color: It's Green Favorite ship: In ME? Either femshep/Liara or Jack/Miranda Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies and Cream Do you have a cat: Nope, allergic to the cats.

[ hi friend Rachel~ kinda sucks that you don’t have a cat. I mean I don’t either, not right now, but I’ve had them. they’re funny. also green is awesome. ]

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