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Friend: we have too many unfinished rps
Me: i know
Friend: so i have this idea for a rp


"I was worried a bit, at first." He tilted his head to the side a bit, thinking about his words. "Your reputation had preceded you a bit. But I came to find you to be nothing like the rumors. Not towards the crew, anyway."

He had to laugh at that. “What, so I’m an asshole, just not the super asshole my reputation would make you think I am? Good to know I’m not as bad as I look, I guess.”


Resting his hands behind his back, Steve smiled a bit more genuinely. “I’ll sleep a lot better knowing that’s the case.”

Ryan eased as well, smiling back at him. “Well you never thought I actually did, did you? Definitely don’t want you losing sleep, especially over me.”


He even makes waking up look good…


been a while since i’ve drawn james. so here’s my hungover attempt.


been a while since i’ve drawn james. so here’s my hungover attempt.


Artist: Mudvayne
Track Name: "Forget to Remember"
Played: 60 times

When your muse starts being difficult


Mun’s just like:



biotics and non-biotics in relationships (◡‿◡✿)

biotics showing their non-biotic lover how mass effect fields work (◡‿◡✿)

biotics subconsciously creating a mass effect field when their lover is scared (◡‿◡✿)

biotics using their mass effect field like a nightlight when their lover can’t sleep (◡‿◡✿)

biotics activating during cuddles (◡‿◡✿)

biotics using their abilities in the bedroom (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Hey, don’t regret anything. You’ve come back from worse. Like death, for instance. 

… I’m really not helping my case very much, am I? 

Gee, what gave you a clue?



i like to headcanon that biotic classes arent very fond of each other
especially adepts and vanguards i bet they are saying things like
“an adept is a vanguard who cant charge lmao”
“a vanguard is a stupid adept with an expensive shotgun”
and the sentinels are like
“you are both dumb and dont have the tech armor

And then there are the non-biotic classes just watching at the sidelines shaking their heads and all of them thinking the exact same thing.



"Less talking, more drink buying?" He was joking, hence the smirk now on his lips. A small chuckle escaped him as he motioned for him to follow him. "Surprised you haven’t gotten bored of Purgatory."

"If you wanna go somewhere else, then by all means, let’s ditch Purgatory. I’d suggest we go to this spot I used to spent a lot of time at - the bartender had a thing for me, so free drinks most of the time - but I’m pretty sure it’s closed."



Far be it from me to stop you.


Well, okay, if you try to deep fry the whole thing, THEN I might stop you. I don’t think the galaxy is ready for that yet. 

…don’t give me any ideas, Kasumi.



[ PSA; ]

I would never ask you to read/watch the entire canon of my character just so you can interact with me. About pages are there to provide basic information that is quick and easy to access. Hopefully, they will contain enough background information so that you will be able to interact confidently enough with at least a basic understanding of who my character is.

If my about page is not providing sufficient enough information, then take the matter to me. It is okay to ask for clarification or for any additional information. I am not a mind reader, I do not know what you do and do not know.

It is my duty to provide you with the facts should the need arise. Of course, this means facts within reason ( if there is no specified birthdate in the canon, for example, it would be difficult to give a roleplayer to give canonical data on that matter if asked for ).

Just remember: There is no shame in not knowing. And there is definitely no shame in asking someone about a certain fact or whatever. 

If they make you feel bad for not knowing — shame on them.