"Oh I don’t know, think about where you’re gonna charge? C’mon Ryan! You’ve gone through the training! You should’ve been told this by now a thousand fucking times! If you see a giant horde of husks, you wanna charge into them? Separate them or something. I don’t know — besides you got us out there on the field!" He was going on a bigger rant than he had wanted — and in the end frustrating himself more than he was frustrating Ryan no doubt. So he just threw his arms up and made his way to the bathroom.

"I don’t know… just think for once, yea?"

He grabbed the first dry he saw inside and got it wet, then walked back over to him, kneeling and beginning to clean the dried substance off. “Tell me if it stings or something.”

It was insulting that everyone seemed to believe that he just mindlessly charged into danger for no reason. On top of being a top Vanguard in the Alliance, he was also N7, and on top of that he was a Spectre. He didn’t just do things for the hell of it, and he damn sure wasn’t one to be repeatedly making rookie mistakes.

Charging into the fray and keeping the enemy off-balance helped him keep his squad safe. He healed the fastest out of everyone on the ship, so if he was injured he wouldn’t be out of commission nearly as long as they would. He was protecting them and doing what he thought was best. Why couldn’t anyone understand that?

But instead of trying to explain - again - he just fell silent when James left, and remained so when he returned.

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"Jeez — I wonder why?" His voice was riddled with sarcasm. "Maybe it’s cause you’re always charging into battle and getting your ass beat by some brute or atlas? Shit Ryan, you’d think you’d learn after the couple ass beating that you got."

"Yea, no problem…" When he was done with that, he examined the wound and the skin around it. Idly, he brought his hand up to just barely touch the skin there. Realizing where he had his hand, he immediately retracted his hand and got up. "I’m gonna get a wet towel to clean up all the blood that dried up."

I do not get my ass beat. I charge in and beat their ass." Ryan corrected casually. "Besides, I’m a Vanguard. What do you expect me to do? Sit behind cover?" Though that wasn’t to say he never did get his ass just wasn’t often enough to warrant anyone being worried about.

While he forced himself not to react to the other man’s touch, his biotics had a different plan and flared lightly around him. “Um, yeah. Thanks. Figured it’s pretty bloody back there.

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Okay, at that he just had to smirk but he did also give a small roll of his eyes. “Yea. Right. Don’t hold your breath, Loco.”

"You mean this lecture isn’t torture enough? Alright then, I’ll just have to come up with something worse. Thanks for the feedback." He grinned as he applied the last bit of medi-gel to the wound.

That is soooo not what I meant." he grumbled unhappily. "Don’t come up with something worse. Seriously I get bitched at enough by Chakwas; I don’t mean to expand the system.

The wound was starting to feel better already with the medigel applied, and he began to relax unknowingly. “Thanks.

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Collectors. “No. Those… can’t be fuckin’ real. Are you fuckin’ with me?” He stopped to think this over again. Why would this guy come to get him for something that didn’t exist? “Well, you came here to get me for a reason. If those fucks are real, that explains why some of the human colonies I hid out on went dark recently.”

Heller glanced around as the blade reformed back into his arm, what looked to be metal reverting into flesh, skin, and fabric. “Alright. Fine. Hope we can get out of here with as little collateral damage as possible. Aria’s already pissed at me and I’m gettin’ awful tired of having soldiers thrown at me.”

They’re real alright. Seen ‘em myself. And they’re the exact reason why those human are disappearing." He eyed the blade..hand again warily but decided not to comment on it. "The hell did you do to Aria to piss her off? Not like that takes much, but still.

If he really did get on Aria’s bad side, then he was glad he brought his squad with him. The group might have to fight their way out through a ton of mercs.

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a peaceful walk in the woods really relaxes me. the fact that I’m dragging a body should be irrelevant.

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When he saw the injury, he couldn’t help but to flinch a bit at the sight of it then shake his head. A small sigh parted from his lips.

"What the hell am I gonna do with you Ryan…" It was mostly a mutter but certainly audible to the other.

"Alright… I’m gonna apply some medi-gel then go get some new bandages from you. Lucky for you, Chakwas ain’t on board right now or else she might’ve given you a worse lecture than I could."

Patch me up and give me a popsicle?" he ventured, knowing only the first was going to happen. No harm in trying.

Is this your lecture or is it coming later? Because if this is it I much prefer yours to Chakwas’.

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"It’s not about you. You’ve got armor and shit. I just don’t need more goddamn attention.” Yeah, okay, sure. The guy was a bit mouthy but wasn’t everyone, especially on Omega? At least he had some backbone.

"Keep your squad. I’ve been a soldier once, couple years back." More like what, one hundred fifty years ago? "I know how it is not to have anyone at your back and it’s not a good feeling.” Interesting information to know.

He paused in thought, though actually he was accessing the memories of hundreds of different creatures he’d consumed to determine the best course of action. “Look, just — right here’s fine. Getting me outta here isn’t gonna be easy though. So. What’d you track me down for.”

Ex-military, then. Good to know, though Shepard had no doubts that the guy could hold his own even if he wasn’t.

Thanks," he felt obligated to say. "I’m on mission to take down the Collectors and I’m recruiting the best around. You certainly fit that bill with those…particular skills. Could use the help.

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"Cerberus motherfuckers got Gentek in their company. Gentek’s fulla fucked up virus-makin’ assholes," Heller informed the man curtly as the blade hardened before receding.

"Yeah. Just wanna talk.” The ex-soldier kept a wary eye on the man speaking to him, and his teammates. Didn’t recognize any of them, at least not on sight. “You got my attention, though that’s real easy to get. … I swear to fuck, if any of those Blue Suns see me, they’ll open fire and you’ll be caught in the middle, so make it quick.”

I can take care of myself - they’re just mercs - but thanks for your concern. I’m touched." Wait. Not a good idea to mouth off at the guy with the giant blade. Right. He made a mental note to watch his mouth, and to also look up this "Gentek" thing. If they were affiliated with Cerberus, they couldn’t be good news.

Since you’re so jumpy about the Suns, I don’t suppose you wanna go talk somewhere more private? Feel free to pick the place. ” As much as he didn’t particularly want to, he waited a moment and then added, “I can send my buddies back to the ship.

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Cerberus!” the vorcha repeated in a much different voice, much more human voice. For a second he froze as the information processed. This man was looking for him. “Gentek bastards — they know where I am, shit! That makes you a goddamn loose end!”

Suddenly the vorcha straightened up, its form receding from jagged to smooth. Skin darkened to a deep brown as teeth were seemingly stripped away like scraps of flesh. Eyes changed from a deep red to a dark brown, and the general shape of a human emerged from the false alien. The transformation took all of four seconds.

And then his arm transformed into a massive blade.

So that was what they meant by “unusual abilities”. Shapeshifting. Great. A hint or something would have been nice. Assholes.

He soon focused back on the suddenly human, suddenly very pissed off person of interest in front of him. And the enormous blade probably about to embed itself in his abdomen.

Hey, hey, whoa; whatever…there is between you and Cerberus, it has nothing to do with me," he went to pleading his case, though going with his instinct to take a few steps back and hold his hands up slowly. "I am not a loose end nor am I on Cerberus’ payroll; I’m the guy who just wants to talk.

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Human. Guy’s looking for a human. “Only few new ones.” The vorcha wouldn’t stop fidgeting. “No like humans. Saw new one, stole kill before we could eat it! Then ate it in front of us! You look for strange human? You kill him! Not our problem. Not yet.”

A pause.

"Who you work for?"

His eyes narrowed at his words, and the fact that the man he was looking for supposedly ate a vorcha’s kill…and he wasn’t aware of many animals to be hunted on Omega.

I don’t work for anyone," he was quick to correct, "but my information came from Cerberus, if that’s what you were getting at.

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The 7th gif in your folder is how your muse would act during a funeral.

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"You looking for what? Vorcha? Krogan? Batarian? Human? Asari? Salarian?" … Crap, was that too forward? That was probably a little too forward. He looked over the two squadmates anxiously before shifting, fingers flexing as if they were claws.

Shepard watched the vorcha carefully but made no comment on his reactions. “Human, I’m guessing. I wasn’t exactly given a proper dossier on the guy, but I need to talk to him; make him an offer.

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     ▍▯ ▬ ☣

          « Samus. Nice to finally meet you. » 

Riiight…so what do you want?

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ARTIST: A Perfect Circle
TRACK: The Outsider [Apocalypse Mix]
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          ▍▯ ▬ ☣ 
Thought you’d be taller. »

And you would be…?

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